237FORUM est un cabinet d’études et d’ingénierie constitué et enregistré dont le siège social est à Yaoundé – Quartier hippodrome BP : 35251, désignée dans les présentes comme « 237FORUM ». MBARGA MIMBOE is a senior computer systems engineer, successively:
  • In 1983: Co-founder of the Bureau of Studies and Engineering, SIGMA-2000 in association with STERIA France;
  • 14 years, Six International Ltd (Belgian Holding company in the construction of buildings, infrastructures, environmental and industrial projects), IT manager in several countries: Cameroon, Belgium, United-Arab-Emirates, Botswana, Mauritius, Rep. of South Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo, Congo Brazzaville;
  • 5 years, Advisor to the Rector of the Catholic University of Central Africa, for questions related to computer science and ICT and co-founder (in 2003) of the Bureau of Studies and Engineering CAMERRON-PARTNERS;
  • 5 years Head of Department of the Treatment of Data and Publications of the Central Office of Censuses and Population Studies (BUCREP) in Cameroon - In 2007, official in charge the recovery of the data of the censuses of 1976 and 1980 of Cameroon Republic at the University of Pennsylvania/Philadelphia - USA;
  • Since 2009, administrator of humanitarian projects of the Lions Clubs International in Cameroon for eye health and Senior Consultant for studies and business engineering. Co-editor of the Municipal Development Plan and official in charge of the follow-up of the realization and integration of socio-economic projects of the Yaoundé-7 district;
  • Co-founder, in 2016, of the business Consulting and Engineering Firm 237Forum.
MBARGA MBALLA is a graduate of the Advanced School of Economics and Business Administration (ESSEC) - University of Douala, Paris based school of economic warfare (École de Guerre Économique - EGE). He is also holder of a certificate of the Harvard School of Government Executive Education in Strategic Management of Regulatory and Enforcement Agencies. Successively:
  • 4 years, as from 1985, at the Cameroon national urban transport corporation as financial analyst;
  • 3 years with the Hilton International Group as the financial controller of the Yaoundé Hilton International Hotel, with the responsibility of coordinating and overseeing company accounts and reporting to the Area Controller in Paris, and the Treasurer in New York;
  • 3 years as auditor in Mobil Oil North and West Africa Cluster, covering all central African affiliates and DR-Congo;
  • 4 years as Senior Auditor in Okalla Ahanda & Associés audit and consulting firm covering assignments in Central and West Africa including Sao-Tomé & Principe and Cabo Verde;
  • In Year2000, Co-Founder BEST INTERNATIONAL consulting firm which provides professional advisory services to public and privates businesses;
  • Co-Founder in 2016 of the business Consulting and Engineering Firm 237Forum.

Norbert AMOUGOU MEZANG has a Degree in Private Law from the University of Yaoundé, graduated from the Medium Cycle of the Yaoundé International Institute of Insurance (IIA), successively:
  • 7 years as Director of production insurance in the SEDGWICK JAMES group in Cameroon;
  • 15 years as Production Manager, Internal auditor of the SAAR network responsible for checking premiums and reconciliations of payments to the company and then Director of General Insurance Agency at SAAR-Cameroon;
  • 6 years Member of the National Assembly of Cameroon, 8th Member of the commission of Foreign Affairs and deputy coordinator of the network of AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis.
  • Co-founder, in 2016, of the business Consulting and Engineering Firm 237Forum.