Global job opportunities for international graduates in China

AFCHAM, FESCO ADECCO and The World Bank Group present Global Job Opportunities for International Students in China. The event took place on Friday June 2nd in the popular conference room of Octave – an all-inclusive events venue located downtown Shanghai. Over 40 attendees from 23nationalities, all postgraduate degree holders in various fields were drawn into in-depth analyses on career choice and development by experienced professionals from the three organizations that brought the event to bear.
Fabrice Faure from Fesco Adecco
At exactly 2.30pm the event moderator from AFCHAM, Miss Neyet Mehari gave the opening word, introduced the key speakers and led a session of self-introduction during which participants got to know their peers better. She stressed that the overall objective of the event was to give attendees the opportunity to see how they could proceed in life after their rich academic achievements. Taking over the floor, the Chairperson of The African Chamber of Commerce, D. Nkwetato Tamonkia, spoke on the topic Academic Certificates and Career Paths. He empathized with the scholars present regarding the difficulties of pinning down a decent career worth the many years of studies invested. He gave valuable tips on how to choose a career path from 16 career clusters and explained how AFCHAM could serve as a springboard to graduates targeting international organizations. Mr. Fabrice Faure, a senior executive in one of the biggest human resources company in the world, FESCO ADECCO, followed with an insight on the job market in China. Illustrating with the latest facts and figures from the industry, he revealed that in spite of the high number of graduates in China, there was still a lack of qualified and skilled graduates in many well-paid positions. He encouraged the graduates present to fine-tune their CVs, target jobs carefully, stay determined, confident and give their best whenever given the opportunity. A short coffee break ensued in the form of a networking session. Business cards exchanged hands and participants chatted around making new friends while savoring some delicious food and drinks that had been prepared for the occasion. The delegation from The World Bank that had just arrived got their presentation ready as the second part of the event started. The World Bank Group’s Talent Acquisition Manager, Dr. Geremie Sawadogo took to the floor. He introduced himself, lauded all the efforts that had been put into the organization of the event, presented his delegation and gave an overview of The World Bank. Drawing from his own experience in searching for a job after finishing his studies, he gave the audience much hope by explaining the kind of mindset needed for those targeting international organizations. He then let his colleagues to present in details, other branches and services of The World Bank that were equally very open to qualified graduates with the right skills and mindset.
Afcham Global job opportunities for international graduates in China
The International Finance Corporation (IFC) Senior Human Resources Business Partner for East Asia and the Pacific, Dr. Sophia Cho added more specifications on how to get to work in organizations like The World Bank, also drawing from her own personal experience. Ms. Natalya Kuznetsova, in charge of recruitments explained in details how internships were organized within divisions of The World Bank Group including valuable tips for persons hoping to become interns while Mr. Yizheng Lou, an Investment Officer from the IFC Beijing office, threw more light on the role of their office in relation to investment projects. There was a moderated question and answer session at the end of the event to allow participants to get more information and clarifications on issues they had in mind. As the doors of the conference room at Octave closed for the evening everyone expressed much gratitude to team AFCHAM led by John Belinga, Neyet Mehari, Jihane Jdaa, Rukto and collaborators for a successful and enriching event and in return were promised more events of the same nature. AFCHAM News Flash Shanghai, June 7th 2017.